Ramadhan Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Salam & Selamat sejahtera. Sedar tak sedar tinggal lagi 2 atau 3 hari saja lagi untuk berpuasa . Alhamdulillah. Selamat Menyambut bulan Ramadhan bulan penuh rahmat. Lama tak update blog sebab sibuk sikit.

Puasa kali ni memang best sebab aku akan puasa penuh di rumah. Tak seperti tahun-tahun sebelum ni, puasa di rantauan. Bila puasa di rumah bukan apa, sahur + bebuka tejaga sikit. Lagi-lagi bab sahur, memang tak akan miss. Bukan sahaja tidak miss, tapi makanan pun sedap-sedap. Thanks mama.

Kepada perokok-perokok, jadikanlah Ramadhan Bulan Rahmat ini sebagai bulan untuk berhenti merokok. Tak susah jika mind set kita memang mahu berhenti merokok. Ambilah peluang bulan ini dimana pada siang hari, kita sebagai perokok ini memang tidak akan merokok. Mengapa tidak kita sibukkan diri sedikit pada malam hari, supaya lupa akan sebatang rokok itu. Mungkin hidup akan lebih bersinar esoknya. 

Pfft. memang semua syaitan telah diikat pada bulan ini, tapi ingatlah bahawa masih banyak setan-setanyang berkeliaran diluar sana. Tepuk dada, tanya selera. Selamat berpuasa. =)

Ambil kesempatan ini aku nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua diluar sana. Maaf, 0-0.

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Some steps to increase the chances of quitting cigarettes

Up to ur convenience to believe or not, this idea came to my mind out of a sudden, it wasn't me that proves this method is working. 3 people had tried this method and 2 have quit completely. The 1 remaining person just need to get some nudge in his head. Me, i didn't even try quitting. I didn't want to. Probably i'm the one who needs the killer nudge
Anywho, here it goes

So you wanna quit cigarette ay?

Step 1: Set the score

Reduce it
How many cigarettes do you plan to score for a day?
Say you usually smoke 10 sticks a day. Reduce the total consumption for a day to 5

Step 2: Delay

Try prolong the first cigarette of the day to be consume. The longer you can hold not to smoke the first cigarette. The better
You have the cravings to smoke is because the nicotine in your brain starts to kick in rage.
Though, our body is made to behave like a treatment plant. It cleans out, neutralize and detoxify all the unnecessary compounds in your body and reset it back to the way it should be.
All this magic happens all the time and you don't realize it. Try cut your finger to bleed. What happen after 3 hours? That's the unbelievable power of our subconscious mind

Step 3: Confidence

Out aim is to smoke as little amount as you can until you completely quit
Thus, by the 4th day, you should be able to handle yourself with the weak nicotine demands in your brain. Hence, more power to control your willingness not to have a cigarette
Throw the damn cigarette box

Step 4: Relax

By this stage, the smell of cigarette will be different to you. It either lures you down to your bone narrow, or just makes you want to move 5 feet away from the hazard. If the latter happens, that's good news. Well Done. By day-11 of not having cigarette at all. You'll find yourself to be a different person. A person who doesn't smoke. A person who succeeded when others had perished.

Regards and good luck!,

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